WUCN Episode #98
Canadians Continue to Stand Up For Covid Injustice on September 3, 2022

WUCN Episode #97
Another Message To The UNVACCINATED

WUCN Episode #96
Camp Hope – A Place Where Patriotic Canadians Unite and Share Hope for the Future

WUCN Episode #95
Do You Remember The Toxic Masks They Made Us Wear?

WUCN Episode #94 “Too Many Secrets”

WUCN Episode #93
How About That? Trudeau’s “Experts” DID NOT RECOMMEND VAX!

WUCN Episode #92 PUTIN On The Real Reasons

WUCN Episode #91
Another Freeland Moment, Like Always, No Answers and Corrupt To the Core For the World Economic Forum

WUCN Episode #90
Justin Trudeau Has Sold Out Canadians To “A DIGITAL ID PROGRAM”

WUCN Episode #89
RH Media Standing for Children

WUCN Episode #88
Ken Drysdale On The Upcoming Event at Winnipeg’s RCMP Headquarters

WUCN Episode #87 Canadians on the WEF Membership List from 2018-2020

WUCN Episode #86
Canada’s NEWEST Domestic Terrorists are Double Agents To The World Economic Forum (WEF)

WUCN Episode #85
Election Poll: Conservatives Would Win – Canadian Soldiers In Ukraine To Fight

WUCN Episode #84
Time To Hold Our Government Accountable

WUCN Episode #83
14 YOUNG Canadian Doctors Dead In Last Nine Months

WUCN Episode #82
Canadian Woman DENIED Life Saving Organ Transplant Over Vaccination Status

WUCN Episode #81
Unethical Abuse By Canadian Judge – Time to Remove Him

WUCN Episode #80 A Word From The Vaccinated

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#79-Farmers Fertilizer Issues, Potential Food Shortages, The WEF’s Plan…Not Ours

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#78-The True Facts On COVID 19 – Interview with Forensic Engineer Ken Drysdale

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#77-How Much More Are You Willing To Spend On Justin Trudeau’s Ridiculous Gov’t???

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#76-Surprise! The world is still a carbon based economy!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#75-Think Covid Shots Are Over? Better Think Again!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#74-UK Gov. report confirms Fully Vax Children are more likely Die Than UnVax

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#73-Covid Sport Mandates Keeping Kids From Playing What They Have Trained For!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#72-Canadians Are Being Punished!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#71-Canada’s Covid Failure!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#70-For The AWAKE ONLY!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#69-Is Social Media Prepping Us All For AI Mergence?

Wake Up Canada News-#Epi#68-Wheels Are Coming Off Globalist Train. Freedom Movement Pushing Back!

Wake Up Canada News- Epi#67-Trudeau’s Nitrogen Emissions Cap Will Absolutely Decimate Canadian Farming As We Know It!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#66-MP Stephen Ellis Vs Marco Mendicino & Bill Blair HOUSE GOES WILD!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#65-People Finally Starting to Question BIG PHARMA’S AGENDA

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#64-Hunger Games Producer Talks Hollywood Pedo’s

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#63-Credibility Of Another Canadian Institution Crumbles Under Trudeau

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#62-Liberals Have NO PLAN To Combat Inflation

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#61-The WEF’s EVIL Executioner!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#60-Warning Labels On CANADIAN Meat. Gov’t would like us all eating bugs!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#59-A Country Of Unarmed People Cannot Defend Themselves Against A Tyrannical Govt

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#58-Liberal/NDP Are Horrendous At Actually Governing Canada

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#57-Liberal/NDP Are Horrendous At Actually Governing Canada

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#56-The Fantasy That Oil and Gas Can Be Replaced By Green Energy in Canada

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#55-The Metaverse – The Rise Of The Stay At Home Economy

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#54-The Liberals and NDP Are Determined To Destroy Democracy Here In Canada!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#53-5G to 6G by 2030, Connecting Us All Matrix Style

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#52-The WEF Sales Pitch with Added Monolog Ending.

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#51-Action4Canada Goes To Court For Canadians

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#50-They Will Be Watching Soon In Hopes Of Controlling Our Every Move.

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#49-WTF, Really??? Nothing Better To Talk About In Canadian Parliament?

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#48-Big Tech and Elite Want Control Of Us All.

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#47-Canadians Affected By High Gas Prices!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#46-The Condescending Chrystia Freeland!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#45-Global Tyrants! Notice the Similarities?

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#44-Canada’s Bloated Government, Overreach, ABSOLUTELY!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#43-As Davos 2022 Begins, What is The World Economic Forum or WEF?

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#42-Justins LIES On Keeping Independent Broadcasters Off Internet and Under Control

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#40-Dr. Ruby Shows the HORRIFYING Damage Caused by Vax!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#39-Who Do You TRUST???

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#38-Ben Shapiro Calls Out Justin, Are You Listening Yet?

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#37-ALBERTA GOES TO COURT

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#36-THE LIES / DECEIT / CONTROL

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#35-Trudeau Gov’t Wants Full Control Of Us ALL!

Wake Up Canada News Update-Epi#34-Justin Gets His Way……Are you Mad Yet Canada?

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#33-MOTION 11 “NOT GOOD FOR ANY OF US!”

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#32-Never a straight answer from Liberals!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#31-Fight To End Vaccine Mandates Continues

Wake Up Canada News Short-Epi#30-Pierre Poilievre asks the best questions!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#29-AstraZenica Pres Can’t and Won’t Answer Canadian MP’s….BIG SURPRISE!

Wake Up Canada News-Epi#28-Surging Justinflation

Wake Up Canada News-EPi#27-Justin Trudeau Made A Stop In Winnipeg!